Are Facial Masks Effective?

Facial masks are the best skin care routine that you or anyone would choose among all your skincare products. It is a perfect way to relax as it gives you a spa feeling at home; in addition, these face masks such as Japanese face mask gives you an excuse to have 20 minutes to spend with yourself.

Are Facial Masks Effective?

Are face masks good?

Face masks are pleasant or useful is the most question which you might have addressed, but these face masks, especially the best face mask, are excellent and effective. These masks help to absorb the products deeply into the skin for a better repairing of your skin. It can be helpful to people with open pores problems along with people who quickly get sunburn problems.

But you must know some of the enlisting things before using a face mask or paper sheet:

  • Clean face: your face should be fresh before you apply a face mask. It will only work if you removed all the impurities from your faces, such as dirt, excessive oil, and other impurities you might have gotten all over your skin.
  • Get your face mask: you may get a face mask of good quality such as face mask, or you can even go for the homemade face packs. It is essential to select a good face mask according to your skin type and one with which will compliment your face complexion. It will help you to have a good glowing skin easily.
  • Get the right brush: you might not be paying much attention to your face mask brush, but it is essential to pay special attention to your brushes. Having a good soft bristle brush will allow you to have the right layer of the face mask all over your face. Investing in your brush is undoubtedly worth it, so make sure you pay for an excellent brush to apply an even layer of the face mask all over your skin.

 How often should we use the face mask?

The face mask is undoubtedly a boon to your skin, but overuse of it might change it to a curse. So you have to be cautious about its use. Millions of men and women who are using skincare products and the best japanese face mask for their skin repair are confused about the uses of these face masks. It is surely a vital part to consider, so the accurate answer is 1-3 times you should be using these face masks in a week. Also if you wonder at which time of the day you should be using a face mask and when will it make most of it. You can apply these face masks anytime in the whole day, whether day or night, you can choose this accordingly as per your schedule. It will be best whenever you have the right time to apply the best Japanese mask for your skin complexion. It will be best you use the best if you good mask over your face.

You should be using a face mask after you exfoliate your face nicely. You know it that face should be bright so exfoliate first before applying these face masks. Clean face masks will help you to take the complete advantage of these face masks.

How to make a face mask?

The face mask is basically of two types one is homemade, and another one is readymade. Both of those are convenient for use, but if you have sensitive skin and are not sure about the use of fo chemically processed face masks. Then you can make use of DIY face masks as they can be made without chemicals and using the natural extracts that can surely benefit your skin and will also fit your skin type.

Here dropping some popular DIY recipes that you can use for making homemade face masks.

Bananas homemade masks

How to make a face mask?

Who will go for botox if you already have bananas? Bananas are the best-suited option for the homemade moisturizer; these can also make your face look shiny, and you will experience more healthy skin. All you need to do is to mash up a medium-sized banana into a smooth paste, just like a face mask or the density of any face cream. Once you are done with making the paste, then apply the paste over your face and area under neck then allow it to sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Once you have applied it finely all over your face and waited for 20 minutes, then wash it off with cold water for a better result.

DIY lemon face masks

How to make a face mask?

Lemons are best known for reducing the darkness ad dull skin from your skin. People use this to reduce their dark spots over their face. It can work as both exfoliate and moisturizer. To prepare this, all you need is one lemon with ¼ cup of olive oil; if you don’t have olive oil, then you can also go for almond oil. Then mix these things well and apply over face and area under your neck, and you are all set for a brightening and glowing skin. Make sure you don’t use it area under your eyes; it best for you if you go for this excellent brightening lemon mask.

So these were some popular DIY face masks that you can use over your face to get glowing skin smoothly and without spending much money.

The final verdict

In this article, we have studied multiple things regarding face masks. Also, we are discussed about its types, which are readymade, and another one is DIY face masks. If you are wondering if it is okay or not to use a face mask or whether they are effective or not, the answer is sure they are useful for your skin. If you are using a right face mask such as the Japanese mask, which can help your skin to get a glowing and charming effect. Everyone in their skincare routine must consider face masks.

Treatment for Moms Who Have Hair Loss Issues During Postpartum

Your hair is falling out and your pregnant, but its not time to throw in the towel. Sure things are leaking bleak for you and you see yourself looking less and less attractive. The baby is crying just about every day and your husband is not around to watch the baby most days. Despite all the fire, it is not over for your hair and you can still make the hair grow it back. The postpartum hair loss can be reverted back to length. Maybe not fully, but you will get some of your hair back. I know some things you can do to make that hair grow more in depth and filled in. View what I got to say below.

Eat Foods to Promote Hair Growth

What you eat has a lot to do with how much hair you can grow during pregnancy. You will find yourself munching on all sorts of things. The food you should eat is seeds, avocados, salmon fish, and sweat potatoes. These foods have certain elements that your body needs to make the top portion of your head grow. Vitamin A and vitamin E will be injected into your scalp to make it grow dormant hairs. The process will not occur overnight. But, in weeks, you should seem some hair starting to grow in spots where your hair was missing. Eat these type of foods every day to have better results.

Also, do not edge your hair when you are trying to grow it back. Edging your hair can make your hair growing process worse. Wait for a year so you can get the hair growing results you desire. Don’t plan to edge your hair or go to the salon for trim too. Anything that can cause the hair to grow less must be avoided. Remember, having a kid causes you to lose a small degree of hair. Make sure you plan a year in advance to do nothing with your hair that can cause it to grow less.

Take Vitamins To Make Reduce Stress and Make Hair Grow

Many vitamins are available for you to use to cause the dormant hairs to grow. Many hairs on your head will be dormant, because you are pregnant and you body is going through chemical changes that alters the normal function of hair growth. This process can be slightly altered if you take some vitamins with the power to grow back women hair during and after pregnancy. Buying the best vitamins for postpartum hair loss would give you the best performance you can get. However, you must take them once a day and avoid doing things that can cause you to lose more hair. The vitamins do work but they are not superman. Don’t do anything to cause more hair loss while trying to grow back hair.

Wash Hair With Hair Growing Shampoo

If buying the best vitamins for postpartum hair loss is not for you, then you can try some best Shampoo And Conditioner for Postpartum  to help women who are mothers grow hair. You must wash the hair each week and pay attention to the temperature of water you wash with. Hot water makes the hair strands weak, so wash the hair with warm or cold water. Washing your hair feels very uncomfortable this way, but it is necessary to get you from missing hair to I almost look like my young self hair. It is a small step and it is going to take a long time. But, you can do this and put in the time to do it. Almost forgot, make sure the shampoo is for your hair type. The wrong shampoo can make your hair worse.

Follow These Ideas to Make Color Treated Hair Look Fantastic

With a little playing around and creative spirits, you can help your color treated hair look colorful and smooth. 70% of women color their hair in USA. So, get up and go make your hair look different. Most women probably go to the salon and spend hundreds of dollars to keep the colored hair balanced. But, you are a creative person and as a creative person you have the power to balance the colored hair by yourself. We have methods you can use to do it. The methods are not too difficult or written in some algebra language. Just follow these little tips to balance your colored hair each week and you will look very lovely.

Wait 2 Days After You Change Hair Color to Start Washing

Follow These Ideas to Make Color Treated Hair Look Fantastic

Important to wait a couple days when you change your hair color. Your hair color is not use to the change. It needs more time to set in and adapt. Give your hair 2 to 4 days to adapt to the new light reflecting chemicals. After that set time, you can wash your hair with shampoo as much as you like. Though, you should remember to use the best shampoo for colored hair to get the highest amount of color visibility.

Once more, you need to remember to wash your colored hair once every couple of days. Colored hair should not be washed daily like birth hair. The hair is very sensitive and the more you wash it the more it loses its color. To make the color last the longest it can possibly last I suggest you wash once every 3 days. The color will fade out less and you will save more money.

Use High Quality Colored Shampoo When Shampooing Colored Hair

High quality shampoo for colored hair should always be used to wash colored hair. This colored shampoo also needs to have natural ingredients in it. Single hair strands on your head are tightly bonded together, when you apply high quality shampoo that is made to condition the hair for a longer period of time. In an event, you need that longer conditioning treatment to make you look pretty for long weeks and prevent you from spending money you do not have at the salon.

Don’t Wash Color Treated Hair In Hot Water

Never wash colored hair in hot water. That is a big deal. Because your hair is weaker when touched with hot liquid strands, wash your hair with cold water every time you decide to wash it. Your hair is not suppose to be colored. You got to trick your hair into accepting the colored change. Tricking it will make the color stay in longer and prevent you from losing hair. Studies have been shown, people who wash colored hair with hot water are more likely to lose pieces of their hair. Rather you like it or not, wash your colored hair in cold water to keep it balanced and fully together. Your future self will thank you for making the uncomfortable sacrifice.


We thought we’d twist it up a bit, give our nails a break, and review three braided hairstyle tutorials. We picked these:

  1. The Beauty Bean‘s waterfall braid
  2. My Kiss and Tell‘s “boho” headband braid
  3. Just Bebe XO’s braided bun

Waterfall Braid

We’ve been seeing versions of this braid all over Pinterest and Instagram, and we were dying to try it even though it looked complicated.



Here’s how: 

  1. Take a large section of hair from the side that you part your hair.
  2. Section the braid into three and begin braiding. On the fourth twist, drop one of the sections. Pull that strand down so it falls with your other hair.
  3. Choose another piece of hair and braid it in. Drop and repeat. Tighten each dropped piece by pulling it down after each twist.
  4. Complete the braid by choosing a section of hair similar to the starting piece for the last braid. Bobby pin the braid, and tuck any hair left over under the braid.
  5. If you’re feeling the urge, you can also braid any leftover hair.


In conclusion: The waterfall braid wasn’t easy, but with some practice it’s doable and looks great. Make sure to keep the braid tight and don’t be afraid to pull on the strands you’ve already dropped so it looks nice and neat.


As we watched the 2012 London Olympics qualfying rounds in women’s gymnastics yesterday, we were dazzled by the athletic feats and sculpted bodies of girls who could probably defeat us in arm wrestling with a pinkie finger, but found ourselves even more distracted by their makeup.

So we rounded up pictures of our favorite looks below. Who had the best look? You tell us.

Was it Daiane Garcia dos Santos from Brazil, who rocked a gorgeous bronze eyeshadow?

Bonus beauty advice from Gabby: she told Seventeen Magazine that she loves Aussie Freeze Spray for her slicked-back ponytails and dished to ESPN that she wears MAC lip gloss for interviews.

Some raved about the bright and bold eye makeup worn by Brazilian Daniele Matias Hypolito.

20-year-old Aussie Larrissa Miller went with a beautiful glittery green eyeshadow.

Yuko Shintake from Japan chose a classic eyeliner look.

All-time favorites: Dior mascaras

I LOVE Dior mascaras.  Judy sent me one by Fairydrops to try to diversify, but I am still a die-hard Dior mascara fan.

Of Dior mascaras, I have tried BlackoutDiorShowExtaseIconic, and the Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum (a lash primer).  I adore all of them except the Maximizer Plumping Serum.  I’m convinced these white plumping serums just do not work for me.  If you want actual longer lashes, go with SmartLash (recently posted about it here).  The white primers tend to make my mascara go on clumpy, no matter if I wait and let them dry first or put the mascara on right away.  If you like lash primers, please let me know which one and how you use it!

To breakdown the Dior mascaras I’ve tried, here is what I think:  Dior mascaras fall into two categories for me – wet and dry.  The wet ones are Blackout and Iconic.  What I mean by wet is that they are more fluid and liquid when you put it on.  The dry ones are a bit stickier – they are DiorShowand Extase.

Another main difference among these mascaras are the brushes.  Blackouthas a standard thin brush. Iconic has a new brush that is plastic with shorter bristles.  I prefer the Iconic brush because it gives me more separation of my lashes.  DiorShow has a fluffier brush.  Extase has a fluffy brush, but it is cut up in a cyclone shape.

My favorite wet formula Dior mascara is Iconic, and my favorite dry is DiorShow.  I think wet is probably better for most people as a more extreme night look.  Dry is more everyday.  However, since I have such short, fine lashes, I use the wet to get as much boost as possible.

I know a lot of my friends swear by the Maybelline mascaras, and the CoverGirl LashBlast are making quite a splash.

What are your favorite mascaras?  We’re always in the market to try new ones!


A friend of mine recently gave me Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream, and I must say that I am impressed!  I have the Clinique All About Eyes, and while I do like it, it really did nothing for me.  I would still wake up with fine lines under my eyes.  This Intensive Eye Cream is thicker and actually seems to working.  It’s very hydrating, and when I wake up in the morning. the lines are not as prominent.  It is about $10 more expensive than the All About Eyes, coming out to $40 – but I would say it’s definitely worth it for anyone that wants to combat early signs of aging.

I would recommend this product, especially since $40 is not bad for an eye cream that works!

Have you tried this?  What is your favorite eye cream?

Battle of the luxury face oils: Rodin olio lusso vs. Sunday Riley Juno

As many of you know, I have a slight obsession with face oils.  I think they are amazing and total necessary luxuries for your face.  After reading a lot of reviews on Into the Gloss, I went out and bought Rodin olio lusso face oil.

Rodin smells amazing and feels really luxurious.  It goes on smoothly and has not caused me to breakout.  I love rubbing it into my skin, and afterwards my skin does have a nice glow.  It got me through the dry horrible winter months in New York.  My two complaints about the Rodin oil are: 1) it does sit on top of my face a little instead of absorbing in, and 2) it is not moisturizing enough on its own, so I recommend mixing it with a moisturizer.

Recently, after become obsessed with Sunday Riley products, I went to Barney’s and got a generous sample of the Sunday Riley Juno Transformative Lipid Serum.  At Barney’s, they told me that this face oil is the most popular product from her line.  The oil doesn’t have the same strong floral fragrance as Rodin – it actually smells a little like Argan oil.  It is super moisturizing and absorbs into my skin without any shine.  I like it as well because it feels more moisturizing then the Rodin.  I use it as a base with the Sunday Riley Good Genes product (reviewed here).  I like Juno, and it has ingredients that are high in Omegas and natural retinol.

On a head to head competition, I like the Rodin more. It smells fantastic – I find the scent lingers on my skin for about 5-10 minutes after I put it on – and it just feels very luxurious.  I feel that the Rodin gives my face more of an immediate glow than Sunday Riley Juno.  Both are great oils though – I would recommend Rodin to those who like products that smell nice and feel extremely luxurious.  I would recommend Sunday Riley Juno to those who don’t really care about scents and want a thicker, more moisturizing oil.  Rodin is $150 and Sunday Riley Juno is $125, and both are 1 fl oz/30 ml.

Ingredient lists as follows:

Rodin:  Jasmine Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Seed oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Arnica Montana Flower extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Oil, Orange Flower Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Benzyl Benzoate, Linalool.

Sunday Riley Juno: Acai seed oil, Argan oil, Black Cumin seed oil, Blackberry seed oil, Blueberry seed oil, Broccoli seed oil, Carrot seed oil, Chardonnay Grape seed oil, Cranberry seed oil, Marula oil, Meadowfoam seed oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Red Raspberry seed oil

Have you tried either of these products?  Do you use face oils?


Judy recently stayed at my apartment, and her shock at the state of my beauty mess (blogged about here) inspired me to go to the Muji store here in NYC and get my life organized.

I bought 2 acrylic cases – a tall skinny one with four drawers and a flat one with a lift up top and two drawers.  They were both a little over $25 each – so pretty pricey for plastic drawers, but they are nice.

Before – my beauty UN-organization:


The acrylic is a nicer finish then regular plastic, and I am liking them.  I love the lift up lid of the drawers on the left, and the tall skinny one fits perfectly on my limited armoire space.  There are small openings in each of the drawers of the tall skinny one, and it’s slightly annoying when my eyeliners fall out of them – but this rarely happens.

Honestly, I have so much stuff, and I barely use all the things in my drawers.  I really should downsize, but I can’t live without variety.  I put all my skincare on a silver plate from West Elm (on the right).  I also have my jewelry on my dresser (which is causing all sorts of havoc) and needs to be organized (suggestions for jewelry organization??).  Also, per Judy’s suggestion, I burned through my Voluspa candle and am now using that empty container to hold brushes.  It’s actually wide enough to fit my Mason Pearson hair brush too.  [Side note: I had a tough time cleaning out the reminder of my candle wax and got dirty wax all over my sink, so please share if you have a good method for cleaning residual wax out of candle jars!]

What do you think of my new organization?  How do you organize your beauty collection?  Share before and after pics with us!

For your beautybaggs: BB Creams

BB Creams have been on a huge rise in the U.S.  ”BB” stands for Blemish or Beauty Balm (sometimes other “B” words stand in but all indicate the same meaning), and this product was first created in the 1950′s in Germany to heal and cover post-facial procedure skin.  It has been hugely popular in Asia, where women are all about skincare – so BB Creams typically have SPF, skin brightening properties, and other skin benefits in addition to providing a flawless base.

According to WWD:

BB creams are designed to heal problematic skin and create a smooth canvas for makeup. They can be applied directly or blended into foundation. “BB creams aren’t marketed as either makeup or skin care; instead they’re about enhancing a woman’s natural beauty,” says NPD’s Karen Grant, who says the growing popularity here is an “evolution of the brightening craze.”

BB Creams don’t tend to have a huge color selection – it’s made to brighten the skin, so typically there is 1-2 shades and it was general made to suit light to medium skin tones.  See below for displays at personal care stores in Taiwan (you’ll see that Maybelline has two versions of BB Cream available in Asia – one regular cream in the tube and one foam, both in aqua packaging)

Here in the U.S., more established brands have been putting out BB Creams targeted to the wider range of skin tones that American women have.  Smashbox has been promoting their range on Sephora, and the Asian brands Dr. Jart and Boscia have had BB Creams out there as well.

As for the texture, it really varies.  Some are thick and provide very heavy coverage, while some are lighter and feel just like a tinted moisturizer.  Maybelline has a foam version that my cousin actually uses (she says it’s just ok).  There has been some controversy in Asia recently that says BB Creams have been the culprit behind clogged pores, and there are actually facial cleansers that are just for removing BB Creams.

I’ve tried a BB Cream from MAC before – it was WAY too light even for my NC25 skin, but bear in mind the original intent of BB Creams was to brighten and lighten scars and redness, and when I was in Asia, I noticed that some girls purposely wear a lighter shade to “give their skin more radiance”.  I recently purchased one from Etude House, a Korean brand, while I was in Asia and that color shade suits me really well and actually gives me a tanned glow.

I wanted to get more when I was in Asia (namely #02 Natural by Laneige), but I restrained myself as I have way too many foundations and tinted moisturizers to get through already.  I use BB Creams just as I would my Chantecaille Just Skin and my tarte Amazonian Clay Tinted Moisturizer.  I make sure I have SPF underneath and still use concealer where I need it.

Click here to read more about it, and check out Youtube videos from Jen and Bubz for explanations and swatches of a lot of different BB Creams.

Will you try BB Creams?  Have you tried them before?  Share with us your favorites!