All-time favorites: Dior mascaras

I LOVE Dior mascaras.  Judy sent me one by Fairydrops to try to diversify, but I am still a die-hard Dior mascara fan.

Of Dior mascaras, I have tried BlackoutDiorShowExtaseIconic, and the Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum (a lash primer).  I adore all of them except the Maximizer Plumping Serum.  I’m convinced these white plumping serums just do not work for me.  If you want actual longer lashes, go with SmartLash (recently posted about it here).  The white primers tend to make my mascara go on clumpy, no matter if I wait and let them dry first or put the mascara on right away.  If you like lash primers, please let me know which one and how you use it!

To breakdown the Dior mascaras I’ve tried, here is what I think:  Dior mascaras fall into two categories for me – wet and dry.  The wet ones are Blackout and Iconic.  What I mean by wet is that they are more fluid and liquid when you put it on.  The dry ones are a bit stickier – they are DiorShowand Extase.

Another main difference among these mascaras are the brushes.  Blackouthas a standard thin brush. Iconic has a new brush that is plastic with shorter bristles.  I prefer the Iconic brush because it gives me more separation of my lashes.  DiorShow has a fluffier brush.  Extase has a fluffy brush, but it is cut up in a cyclone shape.

My favorite wet formula Dior mascara is Iconic, and my favorite dry is DiorShow.  I think wet is probably better for most people as a more extreme night look.  Dry is more everyday.  However, since I have such short, fine lashes, I use the wet to get as much boost as possible.

I know a lot of my friends swear by the Maybelline mascaras, and the CoverGirl LashBlast are making quite a splash.

What are your favorite mascaras?  We’re always in the market to try new ones!