Is There a Sunscreen for Your Scalp?

If you love to go in sunlight and want to have some long sunbaths then it will damage your skin very badly because the sun rays consist of harmful ultraviolet rays which will actually burn your skin. Not only the skin of your body but it will also damage your hair scalp.

The symptoms of scalp sunburn are as same as the sunburn of any other part of your body. Like if you have scalp sunburn then your scalp will become red in color and you will feel a little warmer on your scalp. Sometimes it is hot when you touch your scalp. It will also cause you itchiness or pain on your scalp. If you have a serious problem with scalp sunburn then it will also cause you fever, fatigue, nausea, and headache.

It will take a few hours to determine the first symptom but if you want to make sure about this then you have to wait at least for 24 hours or sometimes more than that.

Is There a Sunscreen for Your Scalp?

Some Ways

It is very easy to treat your burned scalp and you can even treat it in your home. It will take near about one week to completely heal the problem of scalp sunburn. There are some simple ways that you can follow to heal your scalp sunburn completely:

Try to bath with cool water

After having a sunburn if you still continue to bath with hot water then it may increase this problem. So try to use cool water whenever you bath because it will cool down the itchiness of the burned scalp. Also, it will stop the pain and make your scalp healed for some time. If cool water is not available then you can also try to wash your head with normal tepid water.

Check if your shampoo contains sulfates or not

If you have serious sunburn or any type of sunburn then we will suggest you not use shampoos because most of the shampoos contain sulfates in them and the sulfates will make your scalp, even more, drier and you will start feeling irritation. Not only the shampoos but also stop using conditioners because they contain dimethicone in them which can trap the heat in your head and block the pores which will cause you’re a lot more problems. In spite of using shampoos, you can wash your hair with simple water.

Stop using hair products

If you use too many hair products to maintain your hairs then stop using them because if you have scalp sunburn then the chemicals present in the hair products will make this problem a serious cause. In spite of shampoos use sunscreens. There is a lot of best sunscreen for bald head.

Is There a Sunscreen for Your Scalp?


Do not use hair dryers

If you have a scalp sunburn then stop using the external heat machines that will heat up your scalp and crack your scalp skin. Some hair dryers are this much strong that they will burn your scalp much more. The healing scalp will cause you even more pain and irritation.

Moisturize your scalp skin

Taking massage with coconut oil is the best way of healing your painful burnt scalp in a very short span of time. For massaging with coconut oil just take coin-sized coconut oil in your hand and mix it with some Aloe Vera gel and apply it to the burnt skin it may cause you some irritation but then after it will give you comfort and heal your burnt skin very quickly. But take care of that sometimes it will make your hair too oily and greasy. Some of the experts of hair care will suggest that whenever you have sunburn then you must apply some lavender and helichrysum oil to it and these oils will heal your problem very quickly.

Always be hydrated

After having a scalp sunburn the scalp will become dry from time to time. This dryness is due to the use of water which scalp will do in healing the burning. So if you are dealing with this problem then try to drink at least 8 to 9 glass of water daily. It will also help you in curing you with some other skin problems. The water will contain enough nutrients to heal and moisturize your skin.

Take  OTC medication

If you have a very serious scalp sunburn then it may cause you a very painful pain in some cases. Sometimes this pain is bearable and sometimes it not bearable. If you have a non-bearable pain then you may also take the support of over the counter medication which will help in fighting with this pain. There are some popular OTC`s like ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, and acetaminophen which will be considered as one of the most effective medicines for scalp sunburns.

Prefer a hat

If you have a sunburn so try to protect your head with sunlight because going in sunlight after a sunburn will make this problem critical. So always wear a hat whenever you are going out for something.

Conditions in which you have to take the support of a doctor

There are some conditions in which you have to consult this thing with a doctor. If you have a very small sunburn then we will suggest you remove it with your home remedies.

  1. You have extreme pain in the scalp area then you may consult it with a doctor because sometimes there are some more problems that will occur corresponding with the sunburn.
  2. If you have a high fever with pain then you may consult it with a doctor.


With the final words, we will suggest you that do not take it as a serious problem until you have a very serious sunburn. This problem is very normal in some cases and most of the people will improve it with home remedies. Take the precautions, nourish your skin and this problem will become so small.

Are Facial Masks Effective?

Facial masks are the best skin care routine that you or anyone would choose among all your skincare products. It is a perfect way to relax as it gives you a spa feeling at home; in addition, these face masks such as Japanese face mask gives you an excuse to have 20 minutes to spend with yourself.

Are Facial Masks Effective?

Are face masks good?

Face masks are pleasant or useful is the most question which you might have addressed, but these face masks, especially the best face mask, are excellent and effective. These masks help to absorb the products deeply into the skin for a better repairing of your skin. It can be helpful to people with open pores problems along with people who quickly get sunburn problems.

But you must know some of the enlisting things before using a face mask or paper sheet:

  • Clean face: your face should be fresh before you apply a face mask. It will only work if you removed all the impurities from your faces, such as dirt, excessive oil, and other impurities you might have gotten all over your skin.
  • Get your face mask: you may get a face mask of good quality such as face mask, or you can even go for the homemade face packs. It is essential to select a good face mask according to your skin type and one with which will compliment your face complexion. It will help you to have a good glowing skin easily.
  • Get the right brush: you might not be paying much attention to your face mask brush, but it is essential to pay special attention to your brushes. Having a good soft bristle brush will allow you to have the right layer of the face mask all over your face. Investing in your brush is undoubtedly worth it, so make sure you pay for an excellent brush to apply an even layer of the face mask all over your skin.

 How often should we use the face mask?

The face mask is undoubtedly a boon to your skin, but overuse of it might change it to a curse. So you have to be cautious about its use. Millions of men and women who are using skincare products and the best japanese face mask for their skin repair are confused about the uses of these face masks. It is surely a vital part to consider, so the accurate answer is 1-3 times you should be using these face masks in a week. Also if you wonder at which time of the day you should be using a face mask and when will it make most of it. You can apply these face masks anytime in the whole day, whether day or night, you can choose this accordingly as per your schedule. It will be best whenever you have the right time to apply the best Japanese mask for your skin complexion. It will be best you use the best if you good mask over your face.

You should be using a face mask after you exfoliate your face nicely. You know it that face should be bright so exfoliate first before applying these face masks. Clean face masks will help you to take the complete advantage of these face masks.

How to make a face mask?

The face mask is basically of two types one is homemade, and another one is readymade. Both of those are convenient for use, but if you have sensitive skin and are not sure about the use of fo chemically processed face masks. Then you can make use of DIY face masks as they can be made without chemicals and using the natural extracts that can surely benefit your skin and will also fit your skin type.

Here dropping some popular DIY recipes that you can use for making homemade face masks.

Bananas homemade masks

How to make a face mask?

Who will go for botox if you already have bananas? Bananas are the best-suited option for the homemade moisturizer; these can also make your face look shiny, and you will experience more healthy skin. All you need to do is to mash up a medium-sized banana into a smooth paste, just like a face mask or the density of any face cream. Once you are done with making the paste, then apply the paste over your face and area under neck then allow it to sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Once you have applied it finely all over your face and waited for 20 minutes, then wash it off with cold water for a better result.

DIY lemon face masks

How to make a face mask?

Lemons are best known for reducing the darkness ad dull skin from your skin. People use this to reduce their dark spots over their face. It can work as both exfoliate and moisturizer. To prepare this, all you need is one lemon with ¼ cup of olive oil; if you don’t have olive oil, then you can also go for almond oil. Then mix these things well and apply over face and area under your neck, and you are all set for a brightening and glowing skin. Make sure you don’t use it area under your eyes; it best for you if you go for this excellent brightening lemon mask.

So these were some popular DIY face masks that you can use over your face to get glowing skin smoothly and without spending much money.

The final verdict

In this article, we have studied multiple things regarding face masks. Also, we are discussed about its types, which are readymade, and another one is DIY face masks. If you are wondering if it is okay or not to use a face mask or whether they are effective or not, the answer is sure they are useful for your skin. If you are using a right face mask such as the Japanese mask, which can help your skin to get a glowing and charming effect. Everyone in their skincare routine must consider face masks.


We thought we’d twist it up a bit, give our nails a break, and review three braided hairstyle tutorials. We picked these:

  1. The Beauty Bean‘s waterfall braid
  2. My Kiss and Tell‘s “boho” headband braid
  3. Just Bebe XO’s braided bun

Waterfall Braid

We’ve been seeing versions of this braid all over Pinterest and Instagram, and we were dying to try it even though it looked complicated.



Here’s how: 

  1. Take a large section of hair from the side that you part your hair.
  2. Section the braid into three and begin braiding. On the fourth twist, drop one of the sections. Pull that strand down so it falls with your other hair.
  3. Choose another piece of hair and braid it in. Drop and repeat. Tighten each dropped piece by pulling it down after each twist.
  4. Complete the braid by choosing a section of hair similar to the starting piece for the last braid. Bobby pin the braid, and tuck any hair left over under the braid.
  5. If you’re feeling the urge, you can also braid any leftover hair.


In conclusion: The waterfall braid wasn’t easy, but with some practice it’s doable and looks great. Make sure to keep the braid tight and don’t be afraid to pull on the strands you’ve already dropped so it looks nice and neat.


As we watched the 2012 London Olympics qualfying rounds in women’s gymnastics yesterday, we were dazzled by the athletic feats and sculpted bodies of girls who could probably defeat us in arm wrestling with a pinkie finger, but found ourselves even more distracted by their makeup.

So we rounded up pictures of our favorite looks below. Who had the best look? You tell us.

Was it Daiane Garcia dos Santos from Brazil, who rocked a gorgeous bronze eyeshadow?

Bonus beauty advice from Gabby: she told Seventeen Magazine that she loves Aussie Freeze Spray for her slicked-back ponytails and dished to ESPN that she wears MAC lip gloss for interviews.

Some raved about the bright and bold eye makeup worn by Brazilian Daniele Matias Hypolito.

20-year-old Aussie Larrissa Miller went with a beautiful glittery green eyeshadow.

Yuko Shintake from Japan chose a classic eyeliner look.