Follow These Ideas to Make Color Treated Hair Look Fantastic

With a little playing around and creative spirits, you can help your color treated hair look colorful and smooth. 70% of women color their hair in USA. So, get up and go make your hair look different. Most women probably go to the salon and spend hundreds of dollars to keep the colored hair balanced. But, you are a creative person and as a creative person you have the power to balance the colored hair by yourself. We have methods you can use to do it. The methods are not too difficult or written in some algebra language. Just follow these little tips to balance your colored hair each week and you will look very lovely.

Wait 2 Days After You Change Hair Color to Start Washing

Follow These Ideas to Make Color Treated Hair Look Fantastic

Important to wait a couple days when you change your hair color. Your hair color is not use to the change. It needs more time to set in and adapt. Give your hair 2 to 4 days to adapt to the new light reflecting chemicals. After that set time, you can wash your hair with shampoo as much as you like. Though, you should remember to use the best shampoo for colored hair to get the highest amount of color visibility.

Once more, you need to remember to wash your colored hair once every couple of days. Colored hair should not be washed daily like birth hair. The hair is very sensitive and the more you wash it the more it loses its color. To make the color last the longest it can possibly last I suggest you wash once every 3 days. The color will fade out less and you will save more money.

Use High Quality Colored Shampoo When Shampooing Colored Hair

High quality shampoo for colored hair should always be used to wash colored hair. This colored shampoo also needs to have natural ingredients in it. Single hair strands on your head are tightly bonded together, when you apply high quality shampoo that is made to condition the hair for a longer period of time. In an event, you need that longer conditioning treatment to make you look pretty for long weeks and prevent you from spending money you do not have at the salon.

Don’t Wash Color Treated Hair In Hot Water

Never wash colored hair in hot water. That is a big deal. Because your hair is weaker when touched with hot liquid strands, wash your hair with cold water every time you decide to wash it. Your hair is not suppose to be colored. You got to trick your hair into accepting the colored change. Tricking it will make the color stay in longer and prevent you from losing hair. Studies have been shown, people who wash colored hair with hot water are more likely to lose pieces of their hair. Rather you like it or not, wash your colored hair in cold water to keep it balanced and fully together. Your future self will thank you for making the uncomfortable sacrifice.