Judy recently stayed at my apartment, and her shock at the state of my beauty mess (blogged about here) inspired me to go to the Muji store here in NYC and get my life organized.

I bought 2 acrylic cases – a tall skinny one with four drawers and a flat one with a lift up top and two drawers.  They were both a little over $25 each – so pretty pricey for plastic drawers, but they are nice.

Before – my beauty UN-organization:


The acrylic is a nicer finish then regular plastic, and I am liking them.  I love the lift up lid of the drawers on the left, and the tall skinny one fits perfectly on my limited armoire space.  There are small openings in each of the drawers of the tall skinny one, and it’s slightly annoying when my eyeliners fall out of them – but this rarely happens.

Honestly, I have so much stuff, and I barely use all the things in my drawers.  I really should downsize, but I can’t live without variety.  I put all my skincare on a silver plate from West Elm (on the right).  I also have my jewelry on my dresser (which is causing all sorts of havoc) and needs to be organized (suggestions for jewelry organization??).  Also, per Judy’s suggestion, I burned through my Voluspa candle and am now using that empty container to hold brushes.  It’s actually wide enough to fit my Mason Pearson hair brush too.  [Side note: I had a tough time cleaning out the reminder of my candle wax and got dirty wax all over my sink, so please share if you have a good method for cleaning residual wax out of candle jars!]

What do you think of my new organization?  How do you organize your beauty collection?  Share before and after pics with us!